Student Blog: Career Day in the Bronx

by Madurie Rajkumar

As a 17 year old student about to graduate and starting to apply to colleges I was so impressed with career day at ROADS. We got introduced to so many success people, from doctors to firemen. It was so cool because we, as a school, got to see people who didn’t do well in high school at first and still became successful in life. We got introduced to many other options when it comes to choosing a career.

“Careers that I thought were boring, seem really cool. This made me think a lot about my career options” Christian Mojica commented about career day. ROADS got a chance to listen and know the real stories behind these presenters; they told us if a job was hard and/or easy. Plus they even told us the steps to take to become what we wanted to be.

The staff and presenters made it so easy for us to feel comfortable and feel free to ask questions. We heard horrifying, sad, funny, and real life stories that really caught our attention. I never thought that career day at ROADS would be so interesting, honestly. I’m thankful for this day mainly because I now that I have many more options in the future.