ROADS Students Excel on Regents Exam

March 4th, 2014

Any ROADS student will tell you, “hard work pays off. ” This proved very true for the vast majority of the students in the Bronx who sat for last month’s Regents Exam in Algebra and passed. ROADS CEO Jemina Bernard arrived to work the next day to an email from the Bronx leadership team that brought tears to her eyes: “Our pass rate is 86%!!” Last year, the pass rate for the same exam at the Bronx school was 78% and 80% for Brooklyn.

Those numbers, too, were exceptional but this year students pushed themselves to do even better than before. “There were other students who passed last week, who actually took it last June but were determined to do even better,” Bernard remembers.

Many students who took the exam recognized that coming to school, studying hard, and staying after school were the key factors to doing well. Though initially anxious about taking the test, most students were impressed with themselves when the results were announced. One student cried when he learned his score, “…Before I never thought I would pass a Regents ever, or even take it, and I passed it on my first time taking it.” Students and teachers alike put in a lot of hard work over the past semester, and have earned the right to be proud. Hear what our students have to say about the experience of preparing for, and taking, the Regents Exam in January:

This is just the beginning of ROADS students’ academic success stories for the year. This June, 135 ROADS students are expected to sit for 216 Regents Exams .The exams will span five subjects: English, Global History, Algebra, Geometry and Living Environment. With continued hard work, determination, and the full support of ROADS staff they are sure to succeed.